Why Us

FIT Work Space Solutions offers workspace flexibility and accommodations uncommonly available in the Sugar Land and Southwest Houston co-working market. At FIT, we provide a spacious workspace with the privacy you need without limiting the ability to interact with other entrepreneurs and business owners. The one-size fits all space solution does not answer the need of small teams, real estate agents or other remote workers who don't require the 8 hours a day, five days a week office space.
Don't prepay for office space you may not need. Pay for only what you need, when you need it.

The FIT Solution

FIT Work Space Solutions provides a boutique-style share space option that is not the typical profile of traditional flex space office arrangements where the concept of "packing" the room is the goal. FIT flex spaces are spacious and comfortably designed to accommodate like-minded professionals and small teams willing to share similar experiences, provide advice and share best practices to facilitate business growth and success among associates.

Set your hours. Grow your business.

At FIT, the business growth and development for each individual, company, or team member is of paramount importance. FIT has collaborated with local professionals in the area to provide learning labs, training sessions and strategic planning opportunities to help associates achieve business goals and sustainability.

Our business keeps yours in mind.

Autonomy and agility are mainstays for small business owners, entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals who leave large corporations to start their ventures. We believe a co-working office solution should reflect that same culture. Our FIT office space options are designed to accommodate the fluid and dynamic work schedules and budgets of its associates.